About Nhatrang


Nhatrang City is located in a valley surrounded by the mountains in the north, west and south and border with East Sea in the east, 1.278km way from Hanoi, 448km from Ho Chi Minh City. Nha Trang has 19 islands. And Hon Tre Island is the largest one with square 36km area located offshore Nhatrang Bay.

Nha Trang has many famous tourist attractions and is a big tourist center of the country.

Hon Tre Island, also known as Bamboo island, is definitely situated off the coast, facing Nha Trang City, which makes Nhatrang Bay become airtight and smooth waves. It is also the convergence of all advantages on natural and social aspects in Nha Trang city. Tourists to Hon Tre Island can observe the panoramic views of the other farther islands. As the owner of the prime location with beautiful natural beaches, pristine flora, and temperate climate, Hon Tre Island has been favorable for the development of ecotourism and leisure tourism. Despite influenced by humans’ impacts, the island generally retains inherent pristine beauty with its boundless forest covering the mountainsides. Cable car connecting Cau Da Wharf to Hon Tre Island, which is famous for the world’s longest cable car, much facilitates for tourists’ trip. Hon Tre Island gradually becomes an appealing tourist attraction in Nhatrang.


Vinpearl Amusement Park, situated on an island Hon Tre Island, is a large-scale theme park featuring water slides and games, a large aquarium, a wave pool, and a variety of rides. The Park is reached by cable car that connects Nha Trang City to this island resort. The 3,320-metre long ride offers dazzling views of the bay, a promise of the fun-filled day that is to follow.


Po Nagar Cham Towers are situated on the high ground of Mount Cu Lau on the bank of River Cai, a few kilometres north from the city centre. It was built between 8th and 11th centuries by the Cham people who once ruled the central plain of Vietnam. The Cham people, who were Hindu in origin, had their own Sanskrit-based script. They are renowned for their skills in sculpture and architecture and left behind a legacy of artifacts and temple settlements not only in Vietnam, but also Cambodia and Thailand.


Nearly separating from the hustling and bustling atmosphere of the urban life, Hon Chong Promontory is seen as the convergence of mountains and sea. This is also one of the most beautiful city’s showpieces of Nhatrang city attracting numerous tourists. Hon Chong complex has included large rocks stacking each other for centuries. This is a large square rock block lying on a flat and huge rock. The side overlooking the sea houses vast hand-shaped indentations. The promontory has long become a tourist spot attracting tourists to Nhatrang city. Here, tourists can feel Hon Chong Promontory as the intersection of the mountain and sea. Just a few steps, tourists can touch the sea or the foot of the hill. In particular, going to Hon Chong, tourists also have a chance to hear many interesting stories about the promontory among charming natural scenery. Hon Chong Promontory is becoming one of the enchanting tourist attractions in Nha Trang.


Nhatrang beaches are spread out around the beach resort city, offering a myriad of sightseeing and recreational activities for visitors looking to soak up the sun during the holiday. Nha Trang boasts a six-kilometer stretch of beautiful coastline with a wide array of dining and accommodation options set along the white sandy beaches.

Nhatrang climate is the tropical savanna climate influenced by ocean climate. The climate in Nhatrang is relatively mild with the average temperature of 26.30C. There are some major characteristics of the climate in Nhatrang: year-round mild temperature (250C – 260C), quite distinct season distribution (rainy and dry season) and less affected by the storm.

Famous specialty of Nhatrang is the sea bird nests. All bird islands are located in the territory of Nha Trang.

Nhatrang people are very friendly and kind, you will be warmly welcomed and receive quick help when needed from the local people.

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