About Quynhon


Quynhon is a coastal city of Binhdinh province (Central Vietnam). People here are very very kind-hearted and nice. Quynhon is famous for beautiful landscapes such as Genh Rang, Bai Trung beach where Nam Phuong queen used to bath, Trung Luong beach, Han Mac Tu tomb – a famous poet living in the beginning of the 20th century, and many more other places. 

At present, Quynhon is a developing port city with a population of more than 260,000 people with plans to build infrastructure that would encourage more tourists to visit. Naturally, fishing is the main industry in Quynhon, making it a great source of exceptional seafood. This destination is highly recommended for all seafood lovers.

Quynhon has a couple of attractions worth seeing and one of them is the Binhdinh Museum. The right gallery is devoted to the struggles of the local Communist Party during the Vietnam War. The centre gallery features items from the French Colonial period and the left gallery showcases Cham sculptures.


The Twin Cham Towers is another Quynhon attraction. It is unique because of the number of towers as well as its location. Most Cham towers are in odd-numbered groups and usually found on the hilltops, while this one consists of only two towers and is located in town. Anyone would be impressed with the relief on the sculptures, since they are still in good shape after all these years.

Long Khanh, which is Quynhon's main pagoda, is also worth the trip. Built in the 18th century, this attraction is notable because of its 17-metre high Buddha.


Quy Nhon has plenty of beautiful beaches with the blue emerald water and yellow sands lying along the coast. The beaches are undoubtedly the key appeal for visitors to this beautiful, untouched seaside city.

Quy Nhon has two seasons: wet and dry. The wet season is from October to February while the dry season is from March to December. It is best to visit this port city during the dry months to better appreciate the sights and enjoy the beaches.

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